Why did i bother

Sep 2012
The sun was shining,the roads were dry,it's warm, and no salt on the road, ideal for a swift thrash before it gets too dark. ( good plan eh)
I stayed local and had a real good "blowing the cobwebs "out session. As I was coming back into the village, where I have lived for 3 years, that B.......D speed camera, that has lived there even longer got me at 36 in a 30 zone.:banghead
I got off the T, cursing like you can imagine. :mad
A cuppa was needed to calm down . I then decided to clean and lube the chain,......so chain cleaned spotless.
On advice from Roy on the other Channel, I had previously bought some of the new WD 40 products namely silicone spray and chain lube. I sprayed the chain with the lube, and thought how fresh and lemony it smelled only to realise I had just sprayed the chain with silicone.... What a stupid twat. Why the [email protected]@K didn't I just stay in? :bawling
( seems good gear that WD 40 stuff though, and makes your chain smell soooo girly ) :thumbup
Aug 2009
You may be okay with the camera mate. I went through one at similar speeds a few months ago and was ok, so fingers crossed for you.
At least you had a good blast on the bike, but cleaning the bike? Whats wrong with you? Fever? :lol At least it smells nice. XX :supergay
Oct 2011
Mr Cat you are a FUD :lol oh and also :supergay as for the camera ce le vie mate :yes after coming back from Wigan yesterday at an average speed over 90 MPH in the car i am awaiting a possible brown envelope or 2 dropping through the letter box :banghead
Jul 2009
Thats a bugga PC...... Know the one you meen.... fingers crossed nothing in the post....

Sep 2013
Hrmm... One of the good things of living in my country is that the cameras can't identify a biker blasting by, cause the camera shoots on the front, and the plate is in the back.

Is this the same as in your countries ???
Sep 2013

I don't want to preach :megaphone .........but........you know what they say: :yes there's a time and a place for speeding :megaphone :no

And you knew it was there too :kicknuts

Seriously though, hopefully it's just a flasher, with no envelope to follow:dunno

Good luck mate

Jul 2009
Co. Durham - England
Langen, the fixed cameras are bad enough, they normally have some sort of warning sign to let you know there may be one.

It's the mobile cameras that get you.

Parked up in sneaky places where they know people will be going too fast.

Must admit, they are good quality, could read my small number plate clear as day, from the opposite carriage way, on a nice sweeping bend when I was doing 103mph. That day in court was an arse nipping moment, got six points but kept my licence.
Dec 2008
Usually at the top of the apple tree.
Up here in Nesbitland the police have to apply for planing permission for mobile and fixed camera sites.

As part of them being granted permission they have to post up fixed speed camera signs to the mile long section that the cameras are allowed to operate in.

So guys when yer up here and yer see a speed camera sign on any road be wary.
Sep 2013
But how do they know who is driving the bike, and what bike it is? Do you have the licenceplate in the front or what?
In my country, they have to identify the driver (kind of impossible when the head is inside a helmet) and the vehicle,( also impossible since the camera shoot the front and the plate is in the rear). In other words - Cameras, fixed or mobile are of no concern when riding a bike over here. :thumbup
Cheers :cheers