today i did a test ride on a v4(long rambling post)

Jun 2014
this was from qb motorcycles brierley hill.very friendly if a little short staffed today due to people calling in sick etc.
spoke to dealer and agreed test ride.
did all the paperwork stuff for insurance and got the 5 minute tour of the funtronics on a tuono.
chap says fuel light is on so you will need to get some(tells me nearest petrol station,less than a mile away)
so 500 yards up the road it runs out of fuel,oh how i laughed.
anyway dealer came out in the van with a jerry can and i was on my way.
so i brimmed it at the next petrol station and headed of into shropshire for a bit of a play.
as i said in my 1st thread i was worried about seat comfort,and yes its hard but it wasnt uncomfortable while riding.
roads were wet so i had it in low power rain mode and the tyres didnt feel like they wanted to grip while cold and wet so steady was the word.
did about 20 miles like this untill the sun came out and things got fun.
in town and in traffic the clutch is heavy compared to my current fz1 and at low speeds 1st gear is too tall and its either slip clutch or do chug chug rattle,once over 20mph its not an issue.
once on an open dry A road the bike is an absolute joy,pulls like a train,sounds great(a little quiet but still great) tips into corners like it wants to go faster(in the dry tyres feel very good)
so i rode round for a bit then filled tank again (they dont go far on a tank of juice)computer said 25mpg and thats going steady.
anyway good long ride round and loved it.
foot pegs are in an ideal comfort position for me,love the quick shifter,gears are as slick as butter dripping of a hot biscuit.
liked the hair trigger throttle in track mode
now for the bad bits for me.
seat is to high as i have stupid dwarf legs and parking the thing requires thought to make sure the ground leans the right way so i can get feet on the floor.
i can hit a big toe on both sides on level ground,thats not enough.
also i think the sidestand is too long when parked up the bike is still very close to vertical on a level surface,
spoke to dealer about lowering the ride height and he didnt think much could be done.
in summery i loved the ride but hard work when stopped.
im told service intervals are 4k and because i have no local dealer this would be an issue for me.
that said i was offered a very competetive cash on the road price.
once again thanks to qb motorcycles,i had the bike way longer than we agreed i returned the bike with some fuel in it just for laughs.
so now ive got an fz1 that although i can touch the ground on it and its not slow,after today it feels like an old bag of nails with a characterless engine.
worse still ive got the money in the bank to buy the v4,the only thing stopping me is the ride height.apparently the seat has no meat to be removed and the suspension has little or nothing to help either.
but im now a v4 fanboy
ramble over.
Jul 2009
Nice honest write up...

If the seat height is an issue, then look at the af1 shop - i believe they do link plates to lower the rear end (you would need to drop the forks to match). This would make the side stand worse so you would need to address that (maybe buy a US one ?)

I have the gen 2 and can hardly touch the floor.... you do get used to it !

Jun 2013
barry south wales uk
i have a mate that is very small ,very small love him.rides an r1 .well he got 2 actually.being small never stopped him owning the bike of his regards 1st gear a 15 t front sprocket or 2 t higher on back transforms this bike in to higher warp speeds...don.t let being a short arse take away ur dreams ..i,ve had mine a yr coming from a fireblade and fazer 1000.every time get off i say "WHAT A BIKE
Jun 2014
Up north !
If the seat hight is an issue , lower the seat , company in Preston called bootleg bike seats, they are going to lower mine by an inch , insert some comfy butt gel inserts , and charge me less than Aprilia want for their gel seat , win win
Jun 2014
let us know how it turns out.
im test riding a multistrada this weekend.
its going to have to be good to take my money from aprilia but lets see.
Apr 2014
NY Suburbs- Metro
The multi sits even higher Wrist, even at the lower seat setting. I have a 34" inseam and I was not comfortable in parking lots with it. If you don't like the Tuono's height you won't like that. Heavier and higher COG too.
That being said it's a comfortable ride once you get going.