*FOR SALE* 2016 Tuono V4 1100 RR Parts Including RACE ECU

Jun 2019
New Zealand
**I failed at uploading photos! If anyone is interested please message me and I'll send you photos**

The bike has just over 6,000km and the fuel tank and swing arm were replaced after the bike was knocked over. Both have tiny marks as you can see in the photos, but I was given the option of replacing them so I did. I wasn't sure of the going rates, so I'm negotiable. Pics were taken with parts fresh off the bike, so I'm happy to clean them up for more pics for anyone interested.

Fuel Tank in Donnington Blue - US$500

Swing Arm - US$450

Race ECU with OEM Race Map. Been in the bike for around 1,000km, currently still installed so no pics just yet. US$500

All parts located in Auckland, New Zealand, but I can arrange shipping to where ever you are, price TBC. Please message me if interested.