1. U

    Want To Buy WTB OEM alarm system

    looking for a alarm system to put on my 2007 T...anyone has an OEM one kicking around ? thanks
  2. G

    WTB akrapovic for 2014 tuono

    Hello fellow tuono riders, like the says i'm looking to purchase a akrapovic exhaust for my new bike. If anyone has one for sale just shoot me a private message, thanks, Garet
  3. Dave V4

    wtb a v4 front wheel

    hi, after hitting a rather large pothole half way round an island I am now in need of a replacement front wheel for my Tuono. I would want it in black and in a good condition, if you have one for sale please message me. Thanks, Dave.
  4. JohnnyM

    WTB: Dynojet Quickshifter 4-104 or 4-103

    Anyone have a Dynojet Quickshifter 4-103 (linear pull type) or 4-104 (linear push type) for the PC-III for sale? PM me, or send an email with your offer. I keep finding them on Amazon for unbelievable prices, and then they send me a carburetor jet kit instead. :banghead Three strikes, and...
  5. S

    WTB 04 tuono oem brake lever.

    How u going just chasing up a oem brake lever for a 04 tuono I'm located in australia.
  6. S

    Want To Buy WTB 04 tuono ventura rack

    Just chasing up a ventura rack for my 04 tuono
  7. R

    wtb: mss bellypan for 2 gen tuono in US

    Hoping someone can help me find a fluid retaining belly pan for track use to fit my 2009 tuono 1000R. MSS seems to be best brand but will consider any that will be acceptable for race application. Perhaps someone can help me get hooked up with MSS, as I don't speak much German and haven't been...
  8. Dan

    WTB Tuono V4 rear wanted, you changed to the RSV4 rear end?

    Sorry I know there is a wanted thread but fancy making my bike road legal, anyone got all the parts removed from a conversion they want rid of?
  9. M

    Want To Buy WTB tuono 2008 owners manual

    As the title states, looking for a gen 2 2008 owners manual Thanks Chris
  10. K

    WTB gen1 nose cone bracket

    If anyone has got a gen 1 tuono nose fairing / instrument frame support for sale....I'll take it if all the mounting hole threads are clean/unstripped...Smile
  11. Markey

    WTB Tuono Factory

    Hi All, new to this forum but long term member of AF1 with my Dorsoduro...(BooHoo) HaHa I am looking for a nice low mileage Tuono Factory in mint condition...preferably a Final Edition Black Dream ... Cash waiting PM me Cheers Mark
  12. recurrence

    Want To Buy WTB 2009 black dream factory

    Hi, I'm looking for a Tuono factory in the black dream colour scheme. As close to original as possible please.
  13. R

    Want To Buy WTB - Derestricted rubber airbox inlet boot for '03T or from older Mille

    The inlet boot I'm looking for is standard OEM part for '99-'01 USA Mille and '98-'00 World Mille. Majorly derestricted and breathes much more air than the stock Tuono inlet. Aprilia part no. AP8138555 thanks, - Dan
  14. Tifa

    Want To Buy WTB Gen II Bellypan

    ..in carbon...please :)
  15. T

    Want To Buy WTB - bellypan for gen1 preferably carbon :P

    as above preferably plain carbon fibre weave... although i would consider a standard one if it was cheap, to have it wrapped in wet lay
  16. K

    Want To Buy wtb 04 tuono stand

    My 04 t fell of its stand it looks bent so need to get a new one cant find usa one or a honda blad one has anyone got one for sale please cheers
  17. F

    Want To Buy wtb: white oz rear rim for 05 tuono

    need a rear white oz rim for my 05 tuono factory. i found a front in the states , if anyone has any info please let me know, would also buy a set if someone doesnt want to break up. thanks
  18. deacs

    Want To Buy WTB - Power Commander III USB for 04 > RSVR Factory

    Looking for a PCIII USB for my 04 RSVR Factory, I'm guessing that 06 on Tuono's are the same?! cheers Deacs :thumbup
  19. S

    Want To Buy WTB: Tuono gen1 top yoke with risers and handlebars, rear fairing from an rsv 04+

    Would like to buy top yoke with risers and handlebars for Gen.1 Tuono for Showa forks, longer clutch and brake lines, RSV 04 + rear fairing with seat cowl, light and blinkers. Reasnoble offers on pm or email: [email protected] Thanks
  20. S

    WTB: Tuono gen1 top yoke with risers and handlebars, rear fairing from an rsv 04+

    Rorry, posted in the wrong forum, plz delete.