1. R

    Wanted. Gen 2 Tuono R

    Hi Missing my Gen 1 Tuono so much so now looking for a Gen 2 Tuono R - ideally in Blue. I'm based in the North East of England, and looking to go up to £4500 for the right bike. Anyone looking to sell to a good home? Cheers Russ
  2. O

    Wanted 1100 factory seat

    I have a 2013 v4 and I hate the seat it sucks as we all know so I'm looking for a 1100 factory seat the RR seat will work as well
  3. S

    1997 Tuono Rear Passenger Seat wanted

    I'm looking for a rear passenger seat, part number AP8129474, for my 1997 Tuono. Hope you can help!
  4. A

    Tuono gen 1 Carbon coils wanted

    Hello all, I am looking for the carbon fiber coil parts left and right. If anyone has them, please let me know. Cheers Alex
  5. felix

    Wanted - Gen 2 late 08 / 09 Factory Tuono

    Gimme a shout if your looking to sell... Must be mint.....
  6. D

    Wanted Gen 2 Akrapovic/Arrow Exhausts

    I'm looking for a pair of Akrapovics or Arrow Exhausts for my Gen 2 Tuono, anyone have a pair for sale? Nick
  7. D

    Gen 2 Tuono Wanted

    I'm after a 2nd generation Tuono is anyone thinking of selling theirs, I have cash and I'm a genuine buyer. I'm located in Bristol. Nick
  8. hs2300

    Wanted Intercom

    Hi Guys Looking for a Cardo Scala Packtalk intercom duo or solo considered ? Thanks in advance.
  9. S

    Standard bar risers wanted

    Woohoo. Having returned the original Tuono screen to the bike, the look has improved dramatically. (Thanks Per)Lovely motul fully synthetic oil, tyres, chain and sprockets we are about ready for summer...ye hah!! All we need now is a set of standard handlebar risers to complete the...
  10. P

    Want To Buy Wanted mint gen 2.

    I'm after a mint early gen 2 if anyone has got one up for sale.
  11. sagaman

    Want To Buy Wanted Tuono showa right hand fork leg

    Hi im wanting a right hand showa fork leg for 06 Tuono 1000R if anyone can help please.07856354608 Simon.
  12. sagaman

    Wanted Tuono showa right hand fork leg

    Hi im looking for 06 Tuono 1000 R showa right hand fork leg if anyone can help out. Cheers. 07856354608.
  13. L

    Wanted Gen1 Tuono parts

    Hi everyone I am after 02-05 Gen1 Tuono carbon fibre body panels I:E coil covers/ water bottle cover/ mesh side panels/ bellypan/ nosecone and seat unit I am also after Tuono top yoke handlebar risers and bars preferabley to fit ohlins forks but can modifiy standard ones i'm gathering parts...
  14. nickodemon

    Wanted.. White rear seat cowl 59 plate tuono

    Looking for a genuine white seat cowl for a 2009 Tuono. White silver model.
  15. S

    Wanted: Stock brake levers Tuono V4R

    As per title. Must be in excellent condition. Please PM.
  16. Neo

    Wanted standard can

    As per title required as I need to do my IAM course and the sc projects wont go down well Pm me mines a 2013 aprc Many thanks in advance
  17. K

    Wanted aprilia tuono v4 stock bellypan

    As stated above I am after the stock belly pan if any one has one collecting dust and wants to sell Thanks
  18. K

    WANTED: set of indicators

    Hi all. Don't suppose anyone has a set of gen 1 indicators they are willing to part with for some cash as need a new r/h front but if anyone has the full set it would be great.
  19. W

    Wanted gen 2 clocks

    Set of gen 2 clocks wanted mine are foooked Thanks
  20. P

    Want To Buy End Cans For 08 Gen 2 Wanted :)

    Hi Guys looking for an after market set of cans for my 08 Tuono Anything out there? Want removable baffles, and in Carbon of possible Budget around £300 incl Shipping UK (PM me if you have anything please)