1. Aprilia Tuono

    Instructions for Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool

    Instructions for Motion Pro Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool Light to Medium Applications Motion Pro Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool Part No. 08-0058 Breaking chains up to size #630 Press master link plates up to size #530 Rivet hollow nosed master link pins up to #630 Heavy Duy Applications...
  2. Aprilia Tuono

    Aprilia RSV Tuono Gearing Worksheet

    Aprilia RSV Tuono Gearing Worksheet Primary Drive Ratio 1st Gear Ratio 2nd Gear Ratio 3rd Gear Ratio 4th Gear Ratio 5th Gear Ratio 6th Gear Ratio Sprocket (Teeth) Front Sprocket Rear Sprocket Wheel / Rim Size / Width / Depth Engine RPM's Minimum Engine RPM Maximum Engine RPM Change Down...
  3. G

    2009 Tuono Factory Excellent Condition

    As per Title https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/113942481526?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 on eBay happy to talk possible delivery/meet in North England Cheers Greg
  4. C

    Picked up my first Tuono today

    That is I bought one, not actually picked it up. I have been looking at them for years and found a 2008 R model with 21k miles at a great price, to me at least. I am third owner, last owner had it 6 years. He doesn't know if it has Map2 or not, it has Arrow slip ons that sound fantastic...
  5. R

    Wanted. Gen 2 Tuono R

    Hi Missing my Gen 1 Tuono so much so now looking for a Gen 2 Tuono R - ideally in Blue. I'm based in the North East of England, and looking to go up to £4500 for the right bike. Anyone looking to sell to a good home? Cheers Russ
  6. slow turn

    Tuono v4

    I have two v4 Tuono,s that were left after the shop I Eugene Or. closed for good .the first is a black 2013 demo and the other is the owner,s bike. He moved out of state . They are for sale Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. S

    1997 Tuono Rear Passenger Seat wanted

    I'm looking for a rear passenger seat, part number AP8129474, for my 1997 Tuono. Hope you can help!
  8. T

    Brake Discs for Tuono 1000 Factory R

    Someone has had a go at my disc lock and buggered up the right hand front disc. Was hoping someone on here might have one disc so that I could replace it. Its for a 2008 Tuono R factory Alternative is a pair of EBC's at £117 each which is actually pretty good
  9. T

    Want To Buy Tuono V4 1100 Factory

    Must be mint, low mileage, blinded up preferred i.e tail today, exhaust etc. But a nice clean standard one will be fine
  10. Tash

    Gen 1 RSV/ Tuono PC3 usb

    As per the title. Power commander 3 to fit all RSV's from 99-03 and all Tuono's from 03-06, in good working order £100 including UK delivery, I will send overseas at the buyers cost. Cheers Mark
  11. A

    *FOR SALE* 2016 Tuono V4 1100 RR Parts Including RACE ECU

    **I failed at uploading photos! If anyone is interested please message me and I'll send you photos** The bike has just over 6,000km and the fuel tank and swing arm were replaced after the bike was knocked over. Both have tiny marks as you can see in the photos, but I was given the option of...
  12. G

    Tuono RSV Gen2 Mivv Storm Exhausts New Never Fitted

    Hi I have a new set of Storm Stainless Cans never fitted excellent build quality sold bike before I got to fit them. Currently on eBay but will do for £200 posted for anybody here. eBay item number: 113750100167 Cheers Greg
  13. slow turn

    Tuono v4 for sale

    I have two v4 tuono,s for sale the first is 2013 black and 2014 white . Has 1600 miles on it the second has 6500 miles on it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. T

    Tuono v4 steering damper centre securing adapter sizes anyone ??

    Hi everyone can anybody give me the sizes for the pin adapter that locks the damper in place centre of bike on the lower tree the thing with a radius from top to bottom of it must be for clearance me thinks as I want to make one for my none existing one as I,m gonna get a damper for it cheers...
  15. S

    V4 Tuono Bars

    Hi, After the Gen2 the V4 seems a look more 'racey' in the bar department. Anyone tried higher bars, either risers or bar shapes? thanks S
  16. S

    WTB-Hepco & Becker Sportrack for 2018 V4 Tuono

    Hi, Anyone got one of these for sale? Or something similar? thanks slomo
  17. B

    Asprilia Tuono Racing

    I have inherited Asprilia Tuono Racing from someone and wish to sell it It is in good clean condition and has done 8500 miles I cannot start it as fuel seems to come out of overflow tubes in the carb I know nothing about bikes so have to rely on Google I understand it is quite a rare quick...
  18. Z

    Tuono v4r 2013 engine stalled

    Hi all, Experienced a sudden engine stalled when i slowing down the bike to the stop(trrafiic light). When i pulled the clutch, the rpm sudden drop to 800 and back on to 1500. If not the engine will stalled. But i can start back the engine without any problem. Its just happen once during my...
  19. I

    Tuono Buy used,

    Hello friends, I always wanted to buy a Tuono, but the prices were to high for me. Recently i saw a Tuono 2013 for 6.800€, but for my surprise it as a "low" comparte to others , because it does not have APCR or ABS. Do you it is important?
  20. leslie

    Rsv1000 rsv 1000 tuono exhaust headers stainless

    For sale a set of stainless/titanium? headers for a Gen 2 Aprilia 1000, these were in the garage. The Tuono has now gone so not required anymore. They came off my low mileage 2008 9000 miles from new bike. they are in a good condition no holes not rot no damage. On eBay item number...