1. U

    Want To Buy WTB OEM alarm system

    looking for a alarm system to put on my 2007 T...anyone has an OEM one kicking around ? thanks
  2. 999Gav

    Secondary Air System removal

    Is anybody able to provide some guidance as to how to remove it? Is it as simple as capping the breather hoses or will I have an error message appear?
  3. D

    Headlight Cut Relay System - Assistance Required

    Has anyone installed the Headlight Cut Relay System designed by the Triumph/Suzuki auto-electrical wiz D'Ecosse on their Gen #1 Tuono? Here is the circuit for the Suzuki '03-'04 SV650/SV1000: If anyone has installed this system on their Gen #1 RSV/Tuono I am needing some advice as far as...
  4. sp1n99

    Gen 2 Ventura System

    Ventura system complete, L brackets, pack rack and AeroDelta bag for sale. Good condition with usual use marks. £120 inc postage (uk only) Also Puig screen, dark. £30 inc postage (again uk only)
  5. U

    ventura system

    hi has anyone got a ventura luggage system for sale for a tuono v4 ? thanks
  6. T

    Ventura luggage system forTuono Factory 2015 ?

    Hi All, Does anyone know if the Ventura luggage system for "Tuono V4 2014" will fit on a Tuono 2015 Factory bike?
  7. R

    192 bhp from a remap and ar system.?

    spoke to a guy earlier that had a tuono,he reckons full austin racing Ti system and remap gave him 192 bhp?? I asked if he had the rsv4 airbox /injector mod he said no..... Are the austin racing stay stems that good??
  8. W

    Tuono V4 Ventura luggage system

    Hi All, I have a Ventura luggage system and a SW Motech Quick lock Ion two tank bag for sale, same as listed on Ebay bellow. The tank bag was new and used for a week long trip to France in September. The Ventura system I bought 2nd hand but in good condition. Tank Bag Set Aprilia...
  9. Markey

    Aprilia Tuono GPR High Level Exhaust System

    Ebay Link Chaps Aprilia Tuono GPR High Level Exhaust System FAST DELIVERY AKRAPOVIC LEO VINCE | eBay Mark
  10. M

    Akrapovic 2 into 2 system for sale

    Akrapovic 2 into 2 stainless headers with black carbon fibre cans. Will fit Gen 1 Tuono or 98-03 Rsv Mille. Comes with carbon fibre straps and hangers and all springs and attachments. Good condition, there are a few little marks here and there and the lacquer on the cans is a little...
  11. Markey

    Tuono RSV Akrapovic Titanium Hex Full Exhaust System UK + MORE GOODIES

    OK Here we have my Akrapovic Full System in great shape Far lighter than OEM Pipes Fitted to my 2010 Tuono Factory But will fit RSV RSVR 2nd gen as well"¦. It is the Akrapovic Stainless Header Pipes and Titanium Cans with Carbon end caps. Complete with removable baffles.STUNNING...
  12. S

    Going Touring? Try a Ventura system.

    Hi guys. Went away recently to the West of Scotland for a final camping trip of the year. Used a Ventura system before but it still impresses me. So quick and easy to change the rack and add the bag. Looks neat and tidy too. See the picture of my T at Eilean Donan Castle. If you watch...
  13. K

    full 2 into 2 echaust system for sale

    Gen 1 sil motor stainless exhaust systen for sale includes chip ,hangers £300 plus p&p northampton area 07925476736
  14. K

    gen1 2 into 2 exhaust system

    I have a sil motor exhaust system for sale its stainless full system including hangers and chip very good condition £ 300 ono
  15. H

    Want To Buy Ventura luggage system

    Looking for ventura luggage system to fit Gen 2 Tuono
  16. F

    Want To Buy trade tigcraft dual system for arrow shortie shotguns

    looking for a change to the arrow shortie shotguns, will trade out a dual tigcraft, i just have a thing for the arrows shotguns. .
  17. J

    2-2 Acrapovic system for a 2003 Rsv...?

    Hello gents, New on here, looking to kit my tuono out with a full 2-2 acrapovic or potentially arrow system..anyone got a nice set needing a new bike?? Cheers, Jack
  18. N

    Arrow 2-1 Full Titanium System rsv 03-05

    Helloooooooo Guys and Gals I am selling the system that I bought just a little while ago, I have bought a Harris 2-2 system now so this has got to go. It is Brand Spanking New, the only thing that isn't is the carbon exhaust clamp, as I've used it on my bike for a while but it is...
  19. Moggi

    Akrapovic 2-2 system, minus downpipes, for Gen 1.

    Titanium Akra cans from a 2-2 system. LHS can/link has some low speed spill damage. Includes link pipes, carbon mounts, carbon hangers and baffles but no springs. £250 + postage :thumbup The damage isn't that obvious once fitted....
  20. AF1-windy

    (uk) Tuono FAMSA TANK BAG SYSTEM May also fit RSV mille and RSVR. Same gear as in above link. It's for the Gen1 but fit's Gen11. I've used it on both. Will not adapt to fit my new bike or I would keep this gear, it's absolutely top class stuff. Well used but well...