1. H

    stator replacement

    Anybody changed their gen 2 stator , cable to the brown connector end looks an absolute mare of a job to re route Anybody done it ??? Any tips on cable route , I can't even see it on the stator casing side .
  2. A

    Gen2 Stator Cooked - Oil & Environment info Gathering

    Hi all, I have a 2006 Gen2 Tuono with 25,000 miles of trouble-free riding until now - my stator has just succumb to the Aprilia deep fat fryer. I know there are a lot of posts on here and on the RSV forum, I have been reading heaps, but I'd like some recommendations on the non-OEM fix and...
  3. M


    Hi all. My first post. Always had superbikes then on a whim bought the 2012 Tuono. Haven't stopped smiling. But there has been a string of niggling problems which bring up warnings on the dash. (why is the dash so hard to read at night? ) Followed up by small errors by the work shop. eg...
  4. Tash

    800 mile Gen 2 stator

    I have got a Gen 2 stator for sale that was removed from an 800 mile old engine. It was only removed as the engine was used in a Gen 1. I'm looking for £80 including delivery. Cheers Mark
  5. Daveish

    Alternator/ stator fail. Letter to Aprilia campain

    Hello everyone I am asking for names here. Have you been let down by a "not fit for purpose" 500 watt alternator/ stator fitted to pre 2009 RSV's and Tuonos? Have you bought the later 370 watt version? This retails at £700 plus. I have started correspondence with Aprilia who without...
  6. F

    Help pleases (Gen 2 2007) Stator

    Hi All My wife has a 2007 Tuono. It started playing up so we changed the battery from a 12v to a 14v & it was still running flat, We changed the reg/rec to a brand new one still running flat. We were told to check the Stator (3 yellow wires at 4000 rpm) & it is knackered. I have been told...
  7. Tash

    Gen 2 stator

    Gen 2 stator, in full working order. Looking for £75 including delivery. Cheers Mark
  8. Tash

    Gen 1 stator

    Gen 1 stator in full working order, looking for £50 including delivery. Cheers Mark
  9. K

    possible stator whoes again

    hi guys had my t for 5 yrs now its an 07, stator been rewound twice,first time in 2014,then in july 16,both times west/c/w, first time after market r/r, 2016 aprilia r/r,had to get recovered again sunday gone,same faults,started running rough,back firing ect,we stopped at richmond then would not...
  10. N

    New stator in

    Got my new stator installed on Saturday and I'm back on the road. Not a real big job only took a couple of hours. What an amazing difference the old one must have been on the way out for a while.
  11. B

    stator failure #2

    I have an '08 Tuono R, and I now have had two stators fail. The first at 8k, the second at 12k just after the first major service when all systems checked OK. The first failed stator was replaced by a reputable shop with an OEM part from Italy. Very expensive and time consuming since the part...
  12. emsee

    Burnt stator No 3

    Tuono broke down on the first day of my holiday in Scotland last June. So pissed off I went and bought a KTM 990 Adventure to get me through the summer. Only now have I decided to open it up to confirm what I suspected.....a third burnt stator in less than two years. The first time, the bike...
  13. s1imster


    i could feel heat coming off the left hand side of my T at some traffic lights and a strange burning smell, was the same when i got home is this normally the way that the stator starts to fook up bike a 07 9200 miles, and yes its number is before they fitted the 370 version
  14. dandare

    resistance check on removed stator

    hi all ive removed the stator from the tuono today and it does,nt look in great condition.but was wondering if anyone could tell me what resistance i should get from it when checking with the multimeter.....many thanks .....dan
  15. fightingman


    Ok i'm in the middle of doing a few mods on the bike and am keen to sort the stator out. I have been quoted nearly 100 quid to have it rewound. Yet there are places in the states selling them for $139 which is about 90 quid plus shipping. These are said to be better than oem?? I have several...
  16. WhiskyGalore

    Replacing the stator

    Hey folks. Have bought an Electrex Generator to try and sort out the charging woes on my Gen2. Was wondering if it's a job I can tackle easily myself and what other parts or special tools will I need for the job, if any? Cheers :thumbup
  17. E

    Want To Buy original stator

    Hi, does anybody have an burned original Aprilia stator for the tuono 2006-2009 laying around? I have an aftermarked stator now in my Tuono and for my trip to Italy I like to have a spare one in my tankbag. I have found a good adres to rewind a stator, but he only rewind original stators...