1. Sheep

    Riders handbook

    Hi guys just bought my 07 gen 2 Tuono, but the handbook is for the gen 1 models. Most of it isn't an issue, but the instrument clusters are different ( as you all know already). my question is does it make any difference to accessing the menus and resetting the clock ect, as the displays seem...
  2. M

    Hello riders

    Hi all of you my name malcom from London my ride tuono 1000 2008. .little question about exhaust I was wondering if complete system from rsv mille 2000 will fit my 2008
  3. P

    Hello to all you fellow riders

    Just to say hello and thanks to chip for the welcome. Just sold my Tiger 1050 and purchased a 2011 Tuono. Had a Falco about 8 years ago and loved it. i am sure i will have plenty of questions over the next couple of months so thanks to any body that replies.:thumbup
  4. P

    Seized/turning fixing bolt under riders seat

    Hi all Paul new B here, North East of England just got Tuono v2 1000 R, first Aprilia ever owned about a month ago absolutely love it so far......other than misting clocks which I know I am not alone........and today when trying to remove riders seat. Not a big fan of the access to the bolt as...
  5. ryjek

    Hi fellow Tuono riders

    Hi Tuono riders! I'm Greg, I live in Warsaw, Poland and just got myslef a 2003/4 Tuono straight from Italy. Eropean bikes are not that popular in this part of the world comapred to Japanese, but it is in very nice condition and have arond 20K miles so far. After doing 12K miles last year on...
  6. N

    Is the Tuono uncomfortabel for riders over 6 feet tall?

    Hello, I'm seriously considering purchasing the Tuouo 2014 ABS and was wondering if the bike is too small for me. I m 6 feet tall and sat on it in the bike show, it felt fine but when I looked at pictures of me on it, it seemed a bit small. My concern is that I'm coming off of an R1 and would...
  7. deacs

    98-00 genI mille riders seats

    I have a couple of the early genI mille seats I no longer need - they're both in good nick, £30 +p&p did the first tuoldo have a metal tank like the early milles? Deacs :thumbup
  8. 2

    Map-2 T- Riders Report INN! Your seat of the pants is showing - Poll

    INN this case, I hear conflicting reports of Map-2 changeover. Take your time remembering how that bump felt. I hear someone say not a change was felt. That is assfactor speaking right there. That rear end was riding on someone that maybe did not know how to set the axone at the shop? That is...
  9. squatepantz

    T riders spotted round York

    Spotted a T going through York City centre yesterday the rider was wearing a white piss pot helmet with Scott goggles.... Nice:lol he had a better choice in bikes though(same livery as mine:thumbup) Also spotted a black dream factory, two up on the a64 York bypass today.... Had my T two years...
  10. shvlheadwolf

    Canadian Tuono Riders

    As there is a large faction of porridge eaters on here, I thought that I better check in to see if there are any of my Commonwealth brethren from Canada lurking around, but not being active. Would love to go for a hoon with another Tuono Rider, but they seem to be few and far between here in...