1. nedwood

    Grab rails

    Hi all, i have finally persuaded my Mrs to jump on the back of the Tuono, and she is now a convert, but she is bemoaning the lack of grab rails. How easy are they to fit? and should i get originals or is there an aftermarket set worth a look. Any advice would be great, Its a Gen 1 2005 model.
  2. C

    Renntec Grab Rail

    Just taken a Renntec grab rail off a 2003 Tuono No good to me, so how about £25 including delivery to mainland UK? Cheers Jon
  3. B

    Want To Buy Grab rail for the lady

    Iv got my tuono at last and now need a grab rail as the missis likes to come out on the back :thumbdown Can anyone help?? its for the first generation. ( 2003 )
  4. P

    Grab rail for V4?

    Hello I am now the proud owner of a V4 APRC. I would like to take my good lady out on it (one of the conditions of ownership!) as a pillion but would prefer a grab rail. I was looking at the Ventura luggage which offers a grab rail attachment, however it appears you have to remove the...
  5. A

    grab handel

    Hi, Dose any one know if you can get a grab handel for 2009 tuono factory. Cheers; Andy
  6. squatepantz

    grab rail for a 06- ?

    hi all, just got my 56 plate tuono a month back.... ive gone from wow to mmm and i am now at oh yes! the only thing is i take the missus on the back but i have drawn a blank looking for a grab rail? i have seen that corbin do a seat with handles built in which is great but i cant find anyone who...