1. U

    Want To Buy WTB OEM alarm system

    looking for a alarm system to put on my 2007 T...anyone has an OEM one kicking around ? thanks
  2. J


    Hi, this might be a stupid question but i cant find anything on here about Alarms, im assuming my 2014 V4R hasnt got one but not sure where i could fit one as there is no room anywhere under the seats. Anybody fitted an Alarm to there bikes ? Many thanks :thumbup
  3. R

    Removing alarm

    I suspect it will only be a matter of time before I ditch the datatool alarm on the bike as its already doing my head in . I've removed a datatool alarm before(very slowly) but the previous owner mentioned that he thinks !! This one might be wired into the bikes immobiliser system ...
  4. doc.heckle

    Meta Alarm

    Ey up peeps can anyone help, I had a blond moment which resulted in a button pressing session on the old meta alarm ! However ,now although it all works, it has stopped beeping on arming and dissarming. The Hazzards still flash correctly. I have checked the manual but it doesn't mention...