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Thread: BT Sport thoughts ...

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    BT Sport thoughts ...

    I have been watching Moto GP on Eurosport since it started and loved every minute of it , hated the BBC coverage mind you
    Having watched it today though i must say im liking the new coverage , the interviews up and down pitlane are good to watch , jury is still out on James Tosland and Melanie Sykes though
    But over all i like it

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    I enjoyed it, not as much pointless crap before the race like their was on bbc

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    How many names does Alex Espargo have?

    Euro sport1 Alex Espagro
    Euro sport2 Alex Espacargo

    Noo it's Aleesh Espacargo.

    Wonder whit'll be by the end of the season.

    I don't care which channel shows the racing,,,,,they can keep their walkaboot and the hour or so of info.

    I just want to watch the racing.

    Enjoyed todays racing.

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    Also enjoyed the coverage from BT sport. Not sure about Melanie Sykes though!
    She's ok talking bollocks on daytime tv, but bike racing?.................

    She's deffo one for me wank bank though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Coverage and commentary were good. Melanie and Toseland were the weakest link. Toseland might warm to the role in time but, as much as I like looking at Melanie Sykes, she just doesn't seem interested in either bikes or racing.

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    vryu good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vjclinics View Post
    vryu good
    BT sport is ok,I did like Steve Parish though,,,,by the way looking at Vjclinics profile How much for a penis reduction

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