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Thread: Headlight problem

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    Headlight problem

    Hi I am new to Aprilia. I got an 04 Street Fighter yesterday. Riding home I found the headlights were not working. Today I have checked all fuses. And connectors they seem fine other than pull all 4 bulbs out of front unit. They look ok looking though headlight covers. I am at a loss as to how to diagnose what is wrong. Are there any secret button combos to kill lights?? As was playing with them yesterday trying to change kph/mph etc. All other lights ie rear and indicators are working fine. Even when you use headlight flash button the blue light comes on in dash but headlights still remain off
    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Sounds to me like a block connector on the harness has pulled apart , check for voltage at the bulb connectors to to prove this theory .

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    Agree with Hilift. V-unlikely all bulbs blew unless the rectifier output voltage went too high, which is unlikely. So... more likely a single common cause, which is most likely the block connector, or perhaps a bad earth wire. Other than fuses (as checked) worth checking 'relays'. If you have two of the same type, try swapping them... and see if problem moves location!

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    Does the running light work? This is fed from the same lock connector feeding the headlamp. Easy to check the block connector under the headlamp unit.

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