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Thread: my beastie, 05 rsv1000 Tuono Gen1

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    my beastie, 05 rsv1000 Tuono Gen1

    it's great be back riding missed it soooo much, made great choice in tuono love it big grin
    2005 12500 miles and one owner from new. i fitted scorpion can but it's bit load so
    put standard can back on
    20140731_132911.jpg 20140722_090524.jpg

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    I had the same problem with a scorpion can - it sounded like a broken chainsaw and didn't run properly either. I have now got an akro with a gabro chip and its great, loud but good tone and goes like a stabbed rat. I really cant recommend them highly enough!

    The bike runs well with the standard can but is a bit anemic in comparison both in terms of sound and power delivery.

    Welcome to the gang!

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