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Thread: Hi and question from a newbie

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    Hi and question from a newbie

    Hi All,

    Recently stumbled on this forum and thought I'd say hi and ask a technical question. I have one of the limited edition 2003 Tuono (the one with carbon bodywork, kevlar panels,ohlins all around and gold painted frame - see picture).

    When I got the bike it had the normal factory fitted crash bungs plus also an additional pair extending from the top rear engine mounts (can be seen in thepicture). I found these additional bungs to get in the way and have removed them. My problem is that some of the paint around the top rear engine mounts has slightly rubbed away. I'm looking to touch up the paint but have no idea what the code is for this paint. Can anybody help? Many thanks for any help.
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    There's a place on eBay that matches colour to bikes. Someone posted a link the other day but I can't remember it. Maybe try typing tuono paint in on eBay and see if u can find him. I had a look and does all sorts for wheels frames etc

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