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Thread: Newbie question - exhausts

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    Newbie question - exhausts

    Hi I'm new to Tuono ownership (2 weeks)

    My question is this: is the exhaust system the same on a 03 to 04 Tuono as it is on a Mille 98 to 03? I've seen a Mivv can for sale and wondered if would fit.

    Thanks for your help


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    Should be about the same. Most single can slip on cans are identical. The shotgun I'm using was off a Mille. I had to move the strap up about a half inch to make it fit the support bracket (foot rest) but all else was the same. I had the Aprilia Titanium EVO can and it was a direct replacement as well.

    Be ware... that RSV motor is LOUD with a can on it!!!

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    same engine so should fit no worries.

    I have the titanuim single bore race can and have to wear earplugs on my daily commute to work, but A LOUD BIKE IS A SAFE BIKE!

    He he.

    How I get my WOF every year is a mystery, certainly wouldn't in the UK. With "for race use only" stamped on the pipe...

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