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Thread: New Boy - Tickover question

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    New Boy - Tickover question

    Hi Everybody, New to this so bear with us!

    Have just got 2008 Tuono R. All awesome like learning to ride all over again. Amazing! I'm seeking some context information. My tickover is 1400 which seems a little high to me - what have you? Oh - and does anybody else find the oil level sight window the ultimate eyesight test?!

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    hi and welcome dude , 1 st off engine oil level has to be measured when engine is warm , check amount you have just put in ( refer to owners manual ) take for a run 10 mile will do the trick , then check that oil is somewhere near the centre or 3/4 up the sight tube .

    tick over should be around 1000 rpm ish when warm .

    any probs with the idle speed best off speaking to griff at aprilia performance in tamworth .as it could be something more technical than I can give you an answer for .

    ive never had probs with this , my motto is .. if all is well leave the fuck alone .

    good luck .

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