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Thread: Hello from Malta

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    Hello from Malta

    I am a very long in the tooth biker, live in Malta and currently own a Triumph Tiger 1050, a 1987 Yamaha FJ1200TX and my latest addition is a 2017 Tuono Factory.
    I have long admired the Aprilia but was always put off by the reliability problems, but in line with Ducati, I felt that they were finally getting their act together. The itch to own one got more and more irritating so last year I decided to well and truly scratch it and started looking in earnest for a late model at a good price. So very ironic that I should buy a bike that after 150miles had blown its engine! I didn't think that I would be able to afford a 2017 model, but the deal on this bike was just too good to miss.

    It was first registered in June 2017, the owner rode it home and the next day a valve broke. Aprilia immediately gave him another new bike and replaced the engine with a brand new one. The dealer sold it to me at 2500 under list, I figured that it would be mighty unlucky if a second engine was to blow. Getting the bike into Malta took a bit of time because it has to be six months old and have done at least 6000kms, otherwise it is classed as a new bike and VAT is charged on top of the heavy import duty. So I got it here in January this year, it is the only V4 1100 on the Island and so far I love it.

    I have done a few things to it such as replaced the indicators with LED indicators (actually swapped them with my Triumph), fitted R&G crash protection, fitted Yamaha heated grips together with a PDM60 fused distribution unit, modified the wiring so that all three lights are on in high beam, fitted RRG rad and oil cooler guards, replaced the bars with Accossato HB173 bars for a bit more comfort, fitted a Powerbronze screen, not a good experience and written up here and fitted Shad luggage which I am very pleased with and written up here.

    Every year I go on at least one long trip with my buddy. The last one was 5000kms from Malta to Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Italy and home again. I intend to do similar on the Ape, other bikers here say I am mad but I already did a short trip to Sicily and had no problems, even in the pouring rain.

    I did a lot of work on my Triumph getting it just as I wanted it but like me its getting older, so this week I decided to sell it while it still holds some value. I am also considering selling the Yamaha to make space in my garage and my wallet.

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    Welcome Rog, great introduction! You're got yourself one awesome bike now.

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