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Thread: Tuono v4 1100

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    Tuono v4 1100

    Hi boys and gals, just got my hands on
    My new 1100RR

    Although Iím sad
    to see my 2011 tuono go , 20,000 miles and no probs,
    most of which was ragging it round Spain,Pico de europaís

    So looking forward to another 20,000+ Exciting miles
    Wow iíll say that again WOW what a difference,
    just love the power delivery on the V4s
    Looking forward to the summer.

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    Great intro Jeff welcome aboard
    Would be nice to hear your comparisons between the 1000 and 1100 motors, its one question that keeps popping "is it worth the upgrade"?

    I had still have got the Gen 2 1000r Twin, which was a night and day difference to the V4 1100 2016 Factory.

    I'm off to the Pico's again and through to Portugal this year but on a Multistrada PP not the Tuono

    Roll on spring, enjoy the new T and be safe.

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