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Thread: Gday from Sydney Australia

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    Sydney Australia

    Gday from Sydney Australia

    Hi all,

    Recently picked up a 2015 1100RR with race ECU and carbon Akra slip on.
    Still learning to love this bike after coming from Fireblades and GSXRs.
    Power and sound from midrange is amazing.
    Handling is impressive.
    Low speed throttle control and vibration are hard to live with. Could be a deal breaker if I can't get over it.
    Early days still, so fingers crossed.


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    Hi Reyno
    welcome aboard
    jap inline 4 are smooth and the v4 vibration is easy to live with to the point you probably wont notice it after a while
    low speed throttle control, try the different modes I am sure you will find one that suits your riding style S is the softest throttle response and great for town use.
    Enjoy the bike and be safe fella

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    Sydney Australia
    The different modes make no difference to the low speed engine braking. When gradually rolling off throttle you get to a point where all of a sudden the throttle slams shut, so its next to impossible to smoothly roll of throttle completely.
    I have the race mapped ECU by the way.

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    Welcome, great choice of bike. I have a Gen2 and found changing my front sprocket helped give me a bit more smooth throttle control, for what that's worth.

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