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Thread: Hi from new 11 tv4r aprc owner

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    Hi from new 11 tv4r aprc owner


    Just picked up a 11 black TV4R APRC with 5k on her.

    Will be giving it a proper clean and inspection at the weekend to gauge where i am starting from, but have ordered a MRA screen to be going on with.

    The Plan is to do the South of France on her for a week from the 27th August.

    So, things to sort before then :

    Ergonomics Check - Bars & Levers - possible Bar Raisers
    Gearing - 15/42 - Plus Quickshift Reset
    Check Brake Pads & Brake Lines & change if Brakes not strong enough - Ferodo Sintergrip Or Galfer Pads
    Check Bearings - Headstock & Wheel
    Oil Change and Filter - make sure no one has put 10/50 in rather than 5/50
    MWR Air Filter
    Irridium Plugs
    Seat Cowl if there is one to be had
    Coolant Manifold seems OK but monitor over the next week
    Diablo Rosso Corsa's
    Maybe Bar end Mirrors If I can find some i like

    Wish me luck


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    Enjoy the beast bud

    Keep an eye on the charging system, otherwise it sounds like you have it covered.

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    Cheers Buddy - Charging System? Tell me more...........

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    I have a set of Easton riser bars fitted, which lifts it up on the front slightly, I would also add the rider seat from a 2015-16 Tuono/RSV4 to your list... Your arse will thank me I can assure you that.

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    Welcome to the forum Neil.
    Enjoy the new toy.

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    Awe right min

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    Usually at the top of the apple tree.
    Welcome mucker, good luck and enjoy.

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