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Thread: New Tuono Rider in the Family! From NYC

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    New Tuono Rider in the Family! From NYC

    Hello to all!

    Great to find another Forum dedicated for the Tuono! I'm a new rider joining the group.

    After 12 years with my TLS, well, it is time for a break for this rider's back/wrists and the bike!

    To be quite honest, I was very excited when I first heard about the Tuono V2, exactly what I was looking for, at least on paper: more modern bike, better suspension (coming from a pogo-stick i guess any real suspension would be an improvement!) and more comfortable driving position.

    Well, my plan is to cross the country on the Tuono in August, so I should have enough time to prep this bike and get it ready for a cross country voyage.

    Here are some photos of my trusted TLS and the Tuono:

    Sent from Z5C

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    welcome aboard mate
    great introduction I am sure you will find the V2 brilliant. first job get it canned up and unleash the beast.

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    Welcome. Like hs2300 said, look for some aftermarket exhausts, plus open up the airbox & get the ECU changed to Map2, you'll love the difference. Ride safe on your trip...

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