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Spain’s BeOn Automotive has developed a kit capable of converting popular 450cc motocross bikes into*single-cylinder*road racers for little effort and cost. The concept isn’t new, Roland Sands Designs has been making single-cylinder racers for some time now, and the racing class is alive and well in Southern California, but having a bolt-on kit like this is much needed first. Like the*RSD SuperSingles, the Project 450GP kit utilizes the stock frame frame and engine, and only swaps components like the suspension, bodywork and wheels.

Kits are currently available for the Kawasaki KXF 450, KTM SXF 450, Yamaha YZF 450, Honda CRF 450 and Suzuki RMZ 450 and consist of the following components:

- 43mm USD Marzocchi fork with 120mm travel
- new triple clamps
- modified MX shock
- road race clip-ons and pegs
- 120/70-17 3.5″ front rim
- 155/60-17 4.5″ rear rim
- Dunlop slicks
- Brembo radial pump and caliper for front brake
- 320mm Sunstar front disc
- new chain and sprockets
- new bodywork, including fuel tank cover
- digital clocks
Weight and power will depend on your donor bike of course, but one can expect a weight around 230 pounds and 55hp. The cost for the kits is around 4,200 ($5,400). If you happen to live in Spain, BeOn has a ready to race KTM version ready to go.*BeOn is part of a larger, international effort to foster 450cc single-cylinder road racing. One-off races or small support series are being organized throughout Europe and there was even one*last September at Mid Ohio.*

Source: Motociclismo via Motoblog.it*& Hell for Leather

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