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Thread: Average age of a Tuono owner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonty View Post
    Since purchasing one of these fine (but temperamental) machines & and frankly loving every goddamn minute of the experience, I was just wondering about the general demographic of ownership?
    Looking at some of the T forums it seemís that itís the grumpy old bastards choice of steed?
    Why is this
    I would have to be in agreement with them that find the tuono less than comfortable for longer rides. The pillion seat presses against the lower back. If I had a choice between my tuono and the 2002 mille for a long distance trip I would take the mille every time!! A couple of years ago did a 1120k (700 miles) day on the mille and pulled up okay!! I am another older, past 60 rider!! The tuono is still fun though!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ash View Post
    I'm one of the more mature owners on here then, I passed mid fifties a while back.

    I seem to have mislaid my Akky baffles somewhere, oh well..............
    There in the end of your cans, oh wise and sensible one

    Any way I'm 49 in 2 days feel 49 look 49 and ride my bikes as if its the last ride every time, oh and by the way No baffles in any of mine ever.

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    56 in the Isle of Man and just got my third Tuono. Theyíre like a drug......

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    aaggghh noooo im 59 end of next month , next stop the big 6 zero !!!!

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    56 and picking up my second Tuono this week. Leftover 2018 Factory. It’s like a time machine that sends my mind and spirit back 30 years. Can’t wait for spring.

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