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Thread: New Owner (Kind Of)

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    New Owner (Kind Of)

    Hi All,

    Will here; six foot, leggy blonde and first time Tuono owner so thought I'd say "Hi" - don't worry I've strapped on my armour and am fully braced for the F/O's so feel free! I bought a 2005 Factory last year but have only just stumbled across the T-Zone. I'm sure there's an anecdote about this not being the first time it's taken me a while to find something but I'll leave that for you guys.

    Now for the bike, I fucking LOVE it!!! I spent a while trying to find one with as few miles as possible to hold some retail value but actually I can't see me ever selling this thing so now I'm just glad I've picked up a good one. Didn't want to ask for anything in my first post but if anyone knows a trustworthy and capable Ape mechanic in the Surrey area I would appreciate the tip.

    Hopefully the necessary image has uploaded but seems a bit hit and miss at this point.

    Pleasure to meet you all and safe travels!



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    Hi Will Great intro

    No picture though

    You stated your a six foot leggy blonde but no mention of how big your tits are now Fuck off

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    Hi Will

    Welcome aboard....

    As for servicing ..... Doubt you will do any better than Griff @ Aprilia Performance in Tamworth.
    Not on your doorstep, but they do service days around the country at customers houses.
    Give them a shout....

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