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Thread: Well that went well for me.....

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    Well that went well for me.....

    So i sold my gen 1 tuono in 2014, being seduced by the power and general greeness of a brand spanking new Kawasaki zzr1400. First new vehicle i have ever owned and will hopefully be the last!!!

    Turns out its a piece of shite!! I had no end of trouble with it resulting in a 12 month dispute with not just the shitty dealer i bought it from but Kawasaki GB too. Turns out it was all my fault. You see, i thought, stupidly, that being a sports tourer i could put luggage on it. Well turns out thats classed as modifying it and the reason it wouldnt handle. Now when i say handle i mean go round corners. I shit you not i put givi 360d thermo formed panniers and the givi racking system on it and the said it didn't handle because i had fucked about with it. The bike went back to the shop about a million times had the suspension set up, several different tyres fitted and still at 45 mph the bars vibrated so badly that if it wasnt for the fact i go to the gym and am basically the hulk i'd have been off. There is some film on youtube somewhere of the bike doing it.
    New front wheel was also tried. Then i was told maybe i ride to aggressively, pointing to my knee sliders that are down to the staples!!!

    So long story short i kept the fucking thing until May this year, took it to north Wales for a week long blast and tbh it felt good and planted but as the week worn on the handling wore off and the decision was made to sell it. So i had my first summer since satan was in shorts without a bike.

    Why have i come crawling back here? Well i'm in the market for a new bike and i fancy going back to a gen 1. 3k budget so would rather a good gen1 than poor gen 2. I did look at the v4 but it seems some are having serious engine issues and i'm a tight arse. If anyone knows or has one they are looking to sell get in touch.

    ........feels good to be back.........

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    Sorry to hear that about the kwak. Pal of mine had one too and didn't get on with it. He did a lot of work on the suspension, but still handled like a pig. Got shot after a year.
    Good luck getting a decent T.

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