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Thread: Yamaha mt10

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    One Litre Duc Eater Paul D's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
    Midlands (UK)
    Just realised that the gaping mouth on the S1000r is a massive radiator! Wow! Does it run at 50C

    That said, Rizlas photos of the VR4 with headlamp removed, looks like the elephant man!

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    Superbike Twin Darran B's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Dorking surrey
    Just test rode an mt10. Not as striking in the flesh, looks big but actually feels quite compact when on board. Certainly rips in mode b, and stops well and all. I kep't turning on the hazard lights while trying to start it as buttons where our starter is. Nice bike but not very characterful, so not my cup of tea (unlike the lady who gave me a free t-shirt after the ride, i'd like a large cup of her with 4 sugars.)
    Thanks from SpeedieGTI

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    One Litre Duc Eater
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    Mar 2012
    southampton area
    D/B stick to riding bikes mate lots cheaper ! And knock the 4sugars on the head .
    Thanks from Darran B

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    AMA Pit Boss
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    Feb 2015
    Well I think it looks shit and cheaply built just my opinion

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    WSB Pit boss Aldo's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    Usually at the top of the apple tree.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blade View Post
    Well I think it looks shit and cheaply built just my opinion
    Don't bother wae the 1290 SD mucker.

    Stick wae a company that prides itself wae denying all faults.
    Thanks from Blade

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    Baby Twin
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    Aug 2016
    Looked at one yesterday. Jap bikes have no soul. They don't move me like a ape duc or triumph do.

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    GP Champ Tifa's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    The MT has character in bucketloads.
    I loved my test ride.
    The bike was perfect in every respect, and 'talked to me'
    I was 'at one' with the experience....motorcycling nivarna
    Then the magic mushrooms started to wear off.
    Thanks from tuono kid and SpeedieGTI

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