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Thread: cans for trackday

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    cans for trackday

    Hi. Wife bought me a track day experience for crimbo but been informed my Beowulf cans will be too loud on my 2011 Tuono. Anyone know of a solution or is it literally a case of getting some standard cans. Anyone got any cheap OE cans for sale.

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    You'd be supprised at how loud you can get away with on a trackday! My 07 tuono has straight through (no baffles) aftermarket cans and is what you would call loud! Did a trackday at rockingham and was tested at 101 decibels the track limit is 103 decibels so you most likely will be ok ! If you are still worried cheapest option is some generic baffles wich will cost you about twenty quid!

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    Ask what the level is for your day as they vary track to track
    Thanks from bazza

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