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Thread: Hose clips - replacement of

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    ah think ahv jist been edit raped......Gilo ye bam!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rico View Post
    Again uncrew yer clip and pass it over the pipe work, re-enter the end and screw up a bitty then locate over the hose end. Its a bit of a wiggle and ficker tae get it in place but it fits nae bother once in place. Note access tae screw head is better if ye fit it wi the clip wi the screw bit upwards. Tighten up and refit awe the oil tank mounts and side plastics etc.

    That just leaves the one on the other end of the one you have just done. This located under the tank/frame. This will be tackled at weekend when ah plan to do oil/filter/plugs change.

    Watch this space loons......
    Hi there,

    Had this problem with coolant leak and managed to change all the clips up to this point.
    Bike is fine when hot and stays dry for a couple of days and then suddenly when stone cold starts to leak!
    Coming from highish up and drips down inside of oil tank and off the drain plug. (And yes it IS coolant!)
    Did you ever get that last clip changed as I have had tank off etc. and still can't see how you get to it without some major work?
    Many thanks.
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    Think Rico is away on his jollies at the mo.... send him a PM and I think it will email him to let him know he has a message....

    you mite have more luck trying to contact him on Tuonoworld...

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