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Thread: Starting issues

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    Starting issues

    I am having some starting issues with my bike.
    Every now and again, i try to start my bike but when i press the starter the all the clocks reset, you get a clicking from somewhere deep in the bike, the rev counted does a mad dance and it will turn the engine like its got a duff battery.
    The battery is on a optimate, so i know its ok, i will go out in a few hours and it will start like nothing was ever wrong.
    Its so annoying.
    Can you help?

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    Sounds like a battery issue to me check all positive connection and earth points if your sure the Battery is ok. Good luck with it

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    hi dude , sorry to hear your woes , but it does sound like the start of another saga , sorry to piss on your chips but it all sounds very familiar .

    i really hope its summat and nothing tho !!!

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    Lots and lots of people go for the optimate and really trust it. I have used them and in my opinion they ruin the battery . I have had quite a few wrecked batteries whilst using them . Having said that do as you will . Ensure your battery is as best it can be . Dying batteries don`t work well with Tuono s

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    I always use optimate charger, but it’s controlled by a timer so it’s only on for an hour, not enough time to cook the battery, but enough to keep it charged. I’ve heared of too many optimate failures killing batteries

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