recently I toured on my well prepped gen 2 tuono , france Switzerland and the aosta valley in Italy .

on the ride thru france 1 of my 2 mates I was with kept saying the fumes from my bike were realy strong s well as being anti social ( akrs,s and no baffles ) .

every time I filled up the tank fuel leaked from the fuel cap , easy fix when home !!! high ethanol fuel and all that you know tank stretch !!

I filled up with fuel in martigny Switzerland before heading up the grand s t Bernard pass ( absolutely stunning ) I was the only one who tanked up !!!

we stop at the top of the mountain to fuck about in the snow and breath in the cold mountain air well it was 34 c in evian where we were based !!

anyway kitted up off we go , bike dead no battery power !! so bump started it on had a mad thrash down into the aosta valley on the Italian side ( fantastic )

nearest I got to knee down with rear sets !!!.

at the bottom the bike performed impeccably idled like a good !un , we carried on and the bike stalled and wouldn't start , on inspection batt terminals vibrated

loose !!! tightn up off we go , from then on the bike was constantly stuttering and popping more or less continually over the next 4 days , often ran ok above

4000 rpm . but a reight pain in the ass below ie in traffic , temp on dash reached 110 c several times and the stator case would boil water !! not good me

thinks . after several more instances of flat battery it was obvious that the stator was overheating and was in the process of breaking down .

after taking a wrong turn near nancy in france ont way back to Calais the bike finally died , no power no clocks ( which had been going haywire periodically )

dead battery . up shot one well fried stator .

after an hour on the phone to the aa with diminishing credit and battery , I came to the conclusion that I hadn't infact got eu breakdown and recovery , and the

fucking AA washed their hands of me , dumped at the side of a motorway 500 miles from home . the AA wouldn't upgrade my cover or do a deal for a one off

recovery . all they would pay for as im a gold card member ( reward for being a member for years and years , or continuously fleeced as the case may be )

the recovery fee and storage of my bike until collection .

so in a nut shell my bike is still immobile sat in a hgv garage in france awaiting recovery by a private specialist courier at great cost .

im now back at work and missing my bike , don't want to order all the bits until I see the bike again .

it is not fun travelling 500 miles back home on the back of a fazer thou either .

so the moral of the story is GET YOUR SELF SOME EU BREAKDOWN AND REPEAT AND RECOVERY even if its for a short term , ive never had it and thought itll

never happen to me !!!!!