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Thread: Gen2 Stator Cooked - Oil & Environment info Gathering

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    Gen2 Stator Cooked - Oil & Environment info Gathering

    Hi all,

    I have a 2006 Gen2 Tuono with 25,000 miles of trouble-free riding until now - my stator has just succumb to the Aprilia deep fat fryer.

    I know there are a lot of posts on here and on the RSV forum, I have been reading heaps, but I'd like some recommendations on the non-OEM fix and am also interested in the build up of the failures: the oil, filter, maintenance, and environment.

    There is a lot of talk about the stator putting out too many volts (500v) and the regulator not being able to disperse the unneeded energy, thus the extra energy leads the coils to overheat.

    There is a lot of talk about rewinds being rubbish and so on. There are preventive measures such as drilling holes in your crankcase and diverting oil to the stator (T12-Tech), upgrading the regulator, and changing the stator to a 370v one.

    What I'm interested in is why the stator has been burning out since the first generation through gen2 to the V4 but at no particular millage.

    My Case:

    I rushed out for my first ride this year to London on the baking hot bank holiday weekend. It reached 30c and I was stop-started for an age through the snarled traffic.

    The thing is, before this ride I put my battery back in from winter storage (Motobat Big Yellow) it was fully charged and had been keeping good charge all winter in my kitchen. When I put it back in I also checked the battery was charging with a multimeter at the battery. The generator and regulator was working as they should, giving a good charge reading back at the battery.

    I also noted that my oil was low. I topped it up a little but not full as I intended to do an oil change the following week, the the oil was last year's oil.

    The T ran fabulously down to and around London. I stayed at a friend's and then pottered about central London on the T again the next day. Coming out of the Bike Shed I noticed a backfire, and then on the M11, on the home, misfiring at 5000rpm.

    Once home I checked things out and came to the conclusion I needed to visual check my stator

    So, I'm wondering if it was the conditions: last year's oil, not fully topped up, very hot weather and slow city riding were a big contributing factor to a weak system

    Thoughts please.

    I use Silkolene Comp 4 15W-50 XP (Ester based fully synthetic). Spec: API SL & JASO MA2 approved, which the Silkolene jargon claims 'is ideal for larger capacity engines, especially in hot conditions.'

    I also use the K&N KN-564 high flo oil filter (the longer one)

    I would normally always change my oil and filter at the start of each sunny season and mostly ride on quick a & b roads (no traffic).

    Also, I'm thinking of getting a Moto Electric replacement ( - has anyone used them or have got any other recommendations please?
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    From what i have read...... the only "permanent" fix is the one Aprilia fit to the mid 08 onwards Tuono...... thats the 370w revised Rotor (tiz the rotor they changed - reduced the level of magnetism = lower W). Its expensive mind.... over 800 (Rotor + Stator) but i dont think ive ever heard of one fail. Griff at AP sells them.

    I took the cheap route - bought a Ricks Stator, cheap gasket off ebay (Apes one is extortionate) changed the oil.... JD.

    Im sure it will fail again at some point...... then i will just do the same.
    Thanks from ApriliaDave

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