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Thread: Oil filter change.

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    Oil filter change.

    Hi, got a new oil filter on order with Fowlers going to carry out an oil and filter change, how do others fit the filter, last time I tried fitting the filter first followed by its cover, then I tried fitting the filter into the cover first and then tightening the cover screws evenly. Actually went with my first method in the end as I thought it was more important to have the filter located in its hole first. Regards Dave.

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    If you fit the filter,
    Into the filter cover first,
    You will cover the filter,
    With the filter cover first!

    Did you fit the whole filter into the hole first?
    Or only for the first half into the whole?

    ... Sorry, not sure why that ditty sprang into my head! But recovering from jet lag, and brain is lagging a bit...

    But I always fit the filter into the the hole first then apply the cover (Gen 1).

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