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Thread: Fork Oil weight for

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    Fork Oil weight for

    I have a 2009 Tuono R with Sachs front forks and i want to replace front seals and fork oil. I am having difficulty trying to figure out which weight of oil to use any advice?

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    From my Tuono 1000 Service Manual:

    "Front suspension response can be modified to a certain extent by changing damping settings and/or selecting a particular grade of oil. Standard oil viscosity: SAE 20 W. Different oil grades can be selected to obtain a particular suspension response (choose SAE 5W for a softer suspension, 20W for a stiffer suspension). The two grades can also be mixed in varying solutions to obtain the desired response. "

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    I work for an Aprilia dealer, This is a screen from the workshop manual, the standard for the R is 7.5wt, other weights can be used depending on the result wanted.


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