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Thread: Starting issues

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    Starting issues


    I have seen many posts about the starting issues on the Gen 1 Tuono 2004 Racing and am suffering the same problems.

    Ive replaced my battery recently with a lithium YTX14-BS, and its kept on an optimate in a dry garage. But since I swapped the battery it seems worse than ever and just turns over but wont fire, so worried will damage the sprag or just keep flooding it!

    Do I just go back to a Yuasa Gel battery and change the solenoid for a Gen 2 version or Yamaha one, or am I purely just being ham-fisted in my starting attempt and flooding it from cold, no choke just half throttle is my usual way of starting it.

    It was serviced at Aprilia performance earlier in the year so was running great but now not so great...any help much appreciated



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    If its cranking I don't see as the battery is at fault, unless the cranking speed is low which could indicate a poor starter motor, low battery charge/capacity or cable connection issue (poor earth or high resistance in cables). If its cranking fine and you think it may have flooded try closing the choke and using Full throttle to get some air into the cylinders to lean out the already rich fuel mixture in there. once fired up set the idle with the choke if required. If you do think the battery is at fault have you tried to use a slave battery for starting (car battery and jump leads)?
    Good luck I hope it settles down

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    Not sure whether I was being fed a line or not, but I had a pretty sharp Aprilia tech tell me the 2nd gen V-twins do better with a gel battery rather than a lithium one.

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    Thanks for the replies, well ive taken to plunge back to old school acid battery and also a new GEN2 solenoid, winging there way to me. This should I hope solve the issues then onto a few winter projects, as I have some rear sets to fit and shotgun arrow exhaust, then the header pipe mod in the new year and racing in time to terrorise the people of Lincolnshire!! I will post some photos as I do these few jobs.

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    If it's cranking then new solenoid won't make any difference. Sounds like it flooded, which can take 24hrs to clear in cold weather, based on my experience of old. You should also get your throttle bodies balanced.

    I had exactly the same problem you describe when I first got my Gen 1 two yrs ago. But bigger capacity battery and throttle bodies balanced and it fires up first time every time now, however cold it gets.

    PS:. You need to open throttle control switch to max, then for up, once any flooding cleared and battery charged.

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