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Thread: Battery question

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    Baby Twin
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    Apr 2016

    Battery question

    So my 2004 T still refuses to start.
    It turns over ok, throttle closed, cold start on.
    New spark plugs, plenty of fuel

    Battery has been on an optimate and all the lights say it's ok and healthy.

    Voltage measures 12.6 with the ignition on, and drops to 10.6 when I hit the starter, on a multimeter.

    My question is can I tell if my battery is to blame ?
    Can it have enough charge to turn the crank, but not enough to make a spark ?
    Is the voltage measurement misleading ?

    Help ?!
    Thanks from Gabriel

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    One Litre Duc Eater Paul D's Avatar
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    When I had that exact scenario (engine turning over, but refusing to start), it was due to:
    - Throttle bodies needing balanced. Once I had that done by Griff (AP), it has fired up 1st time every time.
    - But if throttle bodies not balanced, unless it starts in the first few seconds, the engine floods. Then it can take 1 or 2 days to dry out the plugs if left in situ.
    - A weak battery can turn the engine, but not have enough power to give a good spark, which compounds the problem.

    All told, if that is the cause, get a new battery and throttle body balance, and you'll be sorted. Mines a 2004 as well.


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    Baby Twin Gabriel's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Many thanks Paul D. I'm picking up my new 2016 TuonoRR and will make sure the dealer has this nailed down for sure before I ride away.

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    Baby Twin
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    May 2016
    Hi, I'm new to the forum but had this 3 weeks ago. I had exactly the same issue. Had the plugs out and all sorts. It was flooded. Cold start off, full throttle (which seems odd) it fired up with a bang after a couple of goes. Sorted!

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