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Thread: Are Mille (2002, etc) & Tuono (Gen 1) speedo/clock units identical ?

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    Are Mille (2002, etc) & Tuono (Gen 1) speedo/clock units identical ?

    Anyone know if Mille (2002, etc) & Tuono (Gen 1) speedo/clock units are identical ?

    They look three same, and pretty sure they are... but would like to hear it from someone in the know...

    I've got an intermittent fault with right hand display, causing temp reading to run up high to 'LLL' and also causes fuel light to come on. Pretty sure it's just the pins of the white connector unit in back of display module needing resoldering, but I want to source a spare for back up purposes?

    PS: Found a sachet of silica gel inside my display. Surely that's not a factory fit??

    PPS: If anyone has a spare unit in v-good condition, and less than 23k miles, please ping me. Several on eBay, but looking for best value as it's only a back up unit!

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    yes they are the same. The earlier mille ones are green backlit with a a great big green N for the neutral light, but the clocks themselves are identical. i think the changed to red in 01 or 02...

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    Re. Intermittent temp reading + fuel light problem + v-low battery voltage reading (using 'D' button on dash).

    Cracked the problem

    After much twiddling and reading wiring diagrams, turned out to be the 2 wire into 4 wire, 4 way inline white connector, (NB: only 2 of the 4 wires are connected), located behind the clocks on right hand side. When disconnected this cuts all power to the display, hence one of the two wires is the live feed.

    The second wire must be an earth. But, reason I originally discounted this connector is because the speedo, Rev counter, and everything else worked fine. So, evidently, there are at least 2 earth's feeding into the clocks.

    The fault was due to a poor crimp, at the factory (!!) of the earth wire in this connector. Twisting the cable round I could feel and hear wire turning inside the crimped end of the female bullet connector. Funny it worked fine for the first 25k miles and 12yrs!

    Which makes me think...

    The reason Tuonos have problems with various white & brown connectors, isn't because they are under spec'ed for the job, but because Aprilia are rubbish at making good electrical connections! . Which explains why some of the more dodgy connectors are actually problem free on some bikes!

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