For those of you who like doing most of the work yourself, it believe this might be at some help.

This is the specifications of tasks for every service schedule:

Every 1000km:
Check, adjust, clean and lubricate the drive chain.

Every 2000km:
Check the brake pads for wear.

Every 6400km:
Change the front fork oil.

Every 7500km or 12 months:
Check and clean the airfilter
Check the sparkplugs
Check the fuelhoses and fuel system components
Change the engine oil and engine oil filter
Check and adjust the engine idle speed
Check throttle and fast idle cable operation and freeplay
Check the operation of the clutch
Check the cooling system
Check for drive chain and sprocket wear
Check the operation of the brakes and for fluid leakage
Check the tyre and wheel condition
Check the tightness of all nuts and bolts
Check and lubricate the sidestand, lever pivots and cables
Check the battery
Check the throttle body synchronisation and exhaust CO level
Check the steering head bearing freeplay
Check the front and rear suspension
Check the wheel bearings
Check and adjust the headlight aim
Check the sidestand and the interlock circuit operation

Every 15000km or 24 months:
Replace the sparkplugs with new ones
Check the valve clearances
Replace the air filter element with a new one
Clean the oil tank strainer

Every 22000km or 24 months
Change front fork oil

Every 24 months
Change the brake fluid
Change the clutch fluid
Change the coolant

Every four years:

Replace the bake hoses with new ones
Replace the clutch hose with new ones
Replace the fuelsystem hoses with new ones

Non-scheduled maintenance:
Check cylinder compression
Check the engine oil pressure.

Yes. Most who services tuono on their own proberly has a copy of the Haynes manual in their workshop. The above is taken from this. Personally there are elements i can't cope with, so i'll leave them for my local garage.

But knowing when to perform what, and taking care of most things myself helps me keeping the bill to a minimum...