Hi, can't justify running two bikes so one of them has to go, seeing as how the other bike is on one of those 3 year finance deals the Tuono will have to go.
Mileage wise it is in the mid 5,000s ( had a new clock fitted by Griff due to cock up on my part!) have all the MOTs showing low average yearly mileage.
Recant MOT (failed on split to rear tyre, naughty!) New battery, new tyres (running in tyre mileage) new clocks, new chain and sprockets(lowered gearing as recommended by Griff) Minor tune up by Griff. Carbon King carbon hugger, sprocket cover, carbon heal plates, Oberon clutch,brake covers and clutch slave cylinder, pazzo levers fuel silencers, both keys(one key has original code No on it?). Owners handbook, Abba stand and opitmate charger. Also brand new front mudguard to replace the one on the bike that I damaged with the disc lock, silly old git that I am! The negatives-low level fuel light not working and like a quite a few others on here not to happy when trying to engage neutral. I will be asking 3,600 or very near offer. Will probably put an add in the MCN not sure about E.bay though, not in a tearing hurry to sell. Best regards David.