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Thread: high milage v4

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    high milage v4

    been looking at a few v4 tuono and seen a very nice 2011 with 8500 mls is this to many for bike this age or should i pay a bit more for low mls,my07 gen 2 has done 25000 and still looks and goes brill this is up for sale,whats it worth,cheers buntsb

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    Depends how much it is?

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    I don't know why bikers get so hung up on "high" mileage.

    In my opinion 8.5k is farkall.

    As long as a bike is maintained properly I can't see any reason to worry.

    My last four bike were all north of 30k with absolutely no engine issues at all cos I serviced them regularly.

    1990 GPZ 900r A7 sold with over 40k and running like new
    1999 ZX9R C2 sold with 38k and still running like new
    2004 GSXR1000 K4, 30k and if I hadn't written it off would still be mint.
    2004 YZFR1 5VY sold with over 30k and still mint.

    I would check the overall condition of the bike and service history for information about how it's been looked after rather than just how many miles its done.

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    You are right Rizla.

    At the rate most bikers rack the miles up, in a couple of years it will be back to normal miles for its age.
    Thanks from Rizla

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