Hi Guys

Not got a Tuono (yet), but an on the lookout for a Factory 2017.

I am currently on the 'darkside' and have a 2017 BMW S1000RR Sport with Performance pack on it. In an ideal world I would love to do a swap, soooo if anyone out there fancies a Beemer let me know. Mine has 4800 miles on it, full BMSH and still under BM warranty, in Graphite Grey and black. Has a Carbon can and taller OEM db tinted screen, tank pad and heavier bar ends. Its pretty much immaculate.

I have had most types of bikes over the years, sports, tourers, nakeds and motards. However, I have now decided a sit up is going to be for me. Don't get me wrong, the S1000RR is a very comfy 1litre weapon, but I simply prefer a more upright position now.

Soo, talk to me about these Tuonos, reliability, issues, running costs, servicing and dealership network. The dealer network, or seemingly shortage of it near me is one thing that does concern me, any of you guys had any issues. Also, whats the warranty situation with these bikes with say an Austin Racing can on... I'm hearing Aprilia wont cover engine issues with owt but the standard, or an Akra, anyone got the facts on this. Any known issues I should look out for?

Me and my main ride buddy, also with a S1000RR are really fair weather riders. Not been out since October time tbh. We generally scoot into Wales, Barmouth being the target destination. Some good roads round there, good bike stops and good food places. Met a guy on a Factory at Bala last year and was surprised to hear he thought it wasn't very flexible in traffic, I thought a V4 would be, any thoughts on that? Prior to this BM I had a Diavel which was a beast once above 45/50ish, but lumpy and not really nice below that truth told, do you guys think a Tuono V4 is similar?

Anyways, lets see if anyone wants another 25ish hp and all the electronic wizardry you'll ever need,