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Thread: Over- Head red light question

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    Over- Head red light question

    Hello Everyone,

    I have a 2013 model and have been stuck in traffic recently in some intense heat. The temp gauge goes up to 115 and the red light comes on.
    Is this normal?

    I checked and I have enough coolant and the fan is coming on.
    Thanks for any information, as the manual has nothing on this to my knowledge.

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    Not had the red light come on but my 2012 one and also know the 2016 one regularly run around 100degs even in cool conditions?
    Had the 2012 one cut out in intense heat (40+) while trying to get through Geneva in rush hour once (bad decision) but started again after a few presses of the starter?

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    Hi i have a 17 and had over heating the red over heat warning triangle come on at 114 or 115 traced the fault one of the fans wasn't running due the wiring plug one of the connection had pulled through. You have to shut the motor down and give it a few mins then hope you can get the bike over 40 mph to have enough air over the rad but not easy on mountain passes or in town

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