Hello guys,

Iím from Buenos Aires - Argentina and Iím a happy owner of a 2016 Aprilia Tuono 1100 Factory (2017 in my country as we are always a year behind of the rest).
This is my 2nd Italian bike, the 1st one was a Mv Agusta brutale 800 Dragster Ď15.
There is no turning back since my first ride on them... the V4 is flawless and insane.
I will be uploading a few photos of my tuono as soon as I reach my computer at home.

In the meantime I would like to ask for your knowledge and enlighten me regarding the most efficient remapping method in order to unleash the entire v4 power from this beast.
The stock 175 hp are more than I can imagine to enjoy on the road, however Iíve to be honest and confess that I felt very disappointed when I discovered that the top speed of this bike is ~265 kph (165mph).
Please bear in mind that we have very long and straight roads here in my state, where the top speed is very easy to reach.

Honestly I donít wanna trade this tuono for a rsv4 only for the top speed. I love riding comfy with my tuono,itís definitely my perfect match. However I would like to remap and change the sprocket if needed in order the achieve a top speed around 299kph (187mph)

Your advices will be more than welcome.

Ps. Apologies for my English