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Thread: Fuel warning light vs fuel capacity vs calculated fuel consumption

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    Baby Twin
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    Jan 2018
    Melbourne Australia
    I've been wondering what range too as I thought mine was very good.
    Highway 60% and twisties 40% 240km including reserve. I only got 17.8 litres in.
    Highway 40%, twisties 60% 190km including reserve. I filled with 16.6 litres
    Track (Phillip Island) hmm difficult to calculate. 5 sessions 7-8 laps including out-lap I had to put 5 litres in for the last session.

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    Baby Twin
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    Jan 2018
    Melbourne Australia
    Oh gee that was my forst post LOL. Sorry. I'm from Melbourne, ride regularly track and road. 2017 Tuono Factory and 2000 RS250.

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    Baby Twin Svenbeast's Avatar
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    Uk Cheshire
    More of my fuel consumption MY 17 stock bike

    5071 miles
    571.73 litres
    125.76 imperial gallons
    40.32 average MPG

    weekend riding includes the earlier wet riding in sport mode and dry riding in track mode , don't get to ride hard really just to much police presents around most rides between 200 / 300 miles on a day out and will always come across 2 police camera vans , unmarked police bikes and unmarked police cars last sunday 2 police hand held radars ,
    nearly had the bike turned into a V8 as I slammed on the brakes when looking into one of the radars and my mate on a Pani V4 just missed running into me because he hadn't seen them

    In track mode find it does about 2 MPG more then in sport mode haven't tested race mode but would thing it could be better with less engine braking

    The trip computer always reads much better consumption if it reads 48 MPG I will calculate 40

    one of the guys just got the race map and Akro decat and on a fill up he used 1.5 litres more than me another guy on BMW MY 16 s1000rr can use 2 litres less the me these I haven't fully tested just looked at the pumps at the time
    I am done checking the fuel enough of being a sad bast--d

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