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Thread: 1100 factory pipes.

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    1100 factory pipes.

    Right, I've just chopped my 1000r in for a 2016 factory, it's got the factory exhaust fitted, as there's more of these bikes coming on the market now they're 12 months old,
    What are people fitting as regards aftermarket pipes, and what lengths regarding remapping are you getting away with , been looking at akro's, arrow, hp corse & sp engineering, anyone got any experience with these

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    Pretty sad that after 10 days not one reply. Sorry I've only just read this.

    I run an AR can standard map no issues. I'm told akra are the best for true power. Can't help much more sorry

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    HP Corse are the worst in terms of fuelling.

    Gabro has tested them and they don't preform well at all.

    I had 2 different AR setups on my V4 and liked them in terms of sound and looks, but switched to Akra after doing some tuning work to get the best out of it.

    For looks and sound;

    SC Project
    Austin Racing

    For performance:
    Arrow (no the gp)
    Leo Vince

    The V4's respond well to a long canister.

    They don't look as cool, but depends what you want. The V4 makes more than enough power to sacrifice a little.
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    Hi there, Aprilia has always been Akra.
    This would be a good one.

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    Thanks for the replies,
    Not to bothered about sacrificing a few horses, the bike far outweighs what I can handle lol,
    Was just testing the water regarding mapping and tuning required if you did change the pipe,
    Your answers have pretty much cleared up any worries I had,
    Thank ya,

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    Got an Austin racing gp2r titanium for sale if your still after a pipe. I've just posted in the for sale section

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