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Thread: Hot Start Issue

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    Jul 2015
    I had the same problem, but to a greater extent (in my country high temperatures are common). The temperature is brought inside from that 'beastly' aluminum frame which tuono v4 have.
    1. I covered the inside of the battery box with a 'double bubble foil' (thin-5mm- building thermo insulation material) - maybe in your market you can find self adhesive bubble foil and in small sizes - if you find difficulty in fitting, because the space is very limited, you can cover the battery instead of the box. The result is the same.
    2. I bought a new battery.
    The problem is gone for a long time now (over one and a half year).

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    Mmmmm, Interesting alex!

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    Baby Twin
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    Hello from New York Alexrsv4!!! I am just following-up on your post above regarding the double bubble foil wrapping of the battery or battery compartment. Its almost 2 years since your post. Did you ever experience hot start issues again?

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