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Thread: Help please

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    Help please

    Hi chaps got myself a tuono v4r aprc at last but the last owner has over tightened the side panel screw on the right hand side on the tank and can anyone tell me wot is on the other side and can I drill it out or know how too do it ?

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    Could you not use an impact driver or would that damage the panel ?

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    there is metal grub screw.

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    Re. Dans message, sounds like you need to loosen a grub screw first.

    Not sure how someone can over tighten a bolt holding a plastic panel, without cracking the panel. I wouldn't use an impact driver, as that could ensure said panel cracks.

    Provided the bolt (cross head or Allen key??) head hasn't rounded, the trick is not to put pressure to turn the screw slowly, but apply moderate pressure in jerks, to overcome stiction! If there is any possibility previous user applied loctite then warm bolt head first.

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    If they've used blue loctite, you have a chance, if red, you're a bit rooted. You could try applying an electric soldering iron tip to the fastener head to see if it loosens it a bit. Another option is to wet it with some machine oil for a couple of days, then try it. I bloody hate that, when some twat doesn't give a shit about the next guy having to fix his mistakes.

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