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Thread: Leaking Radiator

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    Leaking Radiator

    Hi All

    I noticed I had the odd drip of coolant around the bottom of the radiator , the bike was serviced last Sept and the coolant needed topping up then , the bike is 18 months old and is an ABS model , it has only done 1800 miles , I have had it into the dealers last week , they confirmed that its leaking on the seam , they put in a warranty claim last week , I got news yesterday it had been passed and that a new rad is on its way


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    just love a happy ending, hope you don't have to wait too long

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    They said it would probably be around the four week mark , Its only weeping so can still use bike , will just keep my eye on it

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    4 weeks ..... good luck with that one !!!

    Good news you can still use it though

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    And buy one of these for the next one

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