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Thread: Gearbox issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by acosta View Post
    Hi guys,

    4th and 5th need to be replaced but as it is a "known problem" the dealer got it in a way that it is going to be done under warranty.

    Nevertheless there seems to be some issues with the quick-shifter

    Don't know if the new parts are stronger or not.
    Excellent result!!!

    The gears have new part numbers and have been modified in some way. I don't know how, but they are different to the originals.

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    now that is a result, great news

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    Just to revive this thread...
    I'm sat at the side of the road waiting for a pickup. And I believe the culprit is my gearbox just shat itself and detonated.

    Riding at 50mph, half throttle, nothing overzealous, I change up (with quick shifter maybe-I don't remember), two seconds later I lose all power, bike grinds and clunks. I clutch it and coast to a stop.

    Bikes now dead... and I'm an unhappy bunny

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    I tried an mt09 with a AS and it was smoother using the clutch. Not sure it's that useful on the road.

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