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Thread: Speed Sensor blowing fuse

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    Question Speed Sensor blowing fuse

    Hi guys,

    I've had a good search around and I wondered if anyone could offer some insight.

    Washed the bike at the weekend (hose but not jet wash) and went out for first ride of the season

    Which was great until bike cut out while overtaking on way home

    Fuse D (15-amp) blown. When replaced it blows again as soon as the ignition is switched on.

    Disconnected the speed sensor and rode home but service keeps flashing up.

    Diag code reads (when SS is disconected):

    P Code 0231
    A Code 45
    Fuel Pump

    When SS is connected and fuse is blown diag reads same plus:

    P Code 0616
    A Code 50

    I have checked the sensor at the hub for dirt

    Running a continuity test across the sensor terminals I am getting continuity with all wires. I don't suppose this is normal but I wouldn't know.

    Any tips or ideas... is it defo the speed sensor?

    Does anyone know of a less expensive replacement or of anyone offering a good deal new or secondhand?

    Can I run without the SS connected for a while (it's f'king sunny at last) or will that cause further issues?

    Thanks for looking guys,


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    Yep,new speed sensor required,....and yep,they aint cheap.

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    Check this out
    Inexpensive speedo sensor fix
    hopefully it helps u

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuonome View Post
    Check this out
    Inexpensive speedo sensor fix
    hopefully it helps u
    Hi ApriliaDave,

    My speed sensor sensor went faulty (cut) [Gen1] I didn't get any fuses blowing with mine.
    Although a replacement can be costly, I got one on ebay (new unused old stock) for 70.
    Not cheap I know but worth it for the ease of repair.

    Good luck


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    high pressure water and cracked sensor casing = blawn sensor. Had similar when I first got ma T, Blew the sensor right oot its mount when it shorted. As the fuse also covers the fuel pump circuit its an "all stop" so ended up trundlin tae a dead stop, totally flumox as tae whit had happened.

    You sometimes get a bit o warning the speed sensors on the way oot prior as it will read random speeds like 380 mph an fluctuate up an doon.

    Quite a common failure on the good auld Tuono actually.

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